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Discovery is the heart of user-centered design.

Understanding what people want is not as easy as asking them. In fact, it can be a terrible way to uncover unmet needs. And ultimately, isn’t delivering on an unmet need the foundation of a successful business? Let us help you find them.

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Jumping from observation to solution is a common pitfall of innovation.

The process of making sense of information is the slow, hard work (that we love, by the way!) that results in the creation of novel, inspired and meaningful business opportunities. We often call this “the murky middle.” Let us lead you through it.

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If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail. – Ben Franklin

So many consultants leave their clients with new insights and great concepts, but no roadmap to implement or iterate. We would never do that. It would be reading all the travel guides and never buying a plane ticket. Creating a plan for now, soon and later that will get your business from here the amazing future you’ve envisioned is critical to making it actually happen. Let us make it so.

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