“If you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Ben Franklin

So many consultants leave their clients with new insights and great concepts, but no roadmap to implement or iterate. We would never do that. It would be reading all the travel guides and never buying a plane ticket. Creating a plan for now, soon and later that will get your business from here the amazing future you’ve envisioned is critical to making it actually happen. Let us make it so.

We have:

  • Designed and facilitated strategic planning workshops for other another strategy firm (!), a state tourism department, a hospital system, a major regional home/car insurance companyConducted market analysis for Achilles tendon treatment devices, flavored wine and insurance reimbursement for continuous glucose monitoring, among many other opportunities.
  • Delivered business plans for a washable foam mattress, migraine treatment device and smart dehumidifier among many other concepts.
  • FPO – innovation services
  • FPO – workshop facilitation

Horizon Planning
Strategic Planning
Business Planning
Product Launch & Lifecycle