Discovery is the heart of user-centered design.

Understanding what people want is not as easy as asking them. In fact, it can be a terrible way to uncover unmet needs. And ultimately, isn’t delivering on an unmet need the foundation of a successful business? Let us help you find them.

We have:

  • Created hundreds of maps (emotional journey, treatment journey, financial journey, process, etc.) for clients in dozens of industries to reveal pain points, workarounds and other opportunities for change.
  • Conducted ethnographic research with automobile owners in China and Brazil to understand their emotions around driving and identify opportunities for car air freshener scents.
  • Created a quantitative survey to understand how people use the phrase “grind mode” to inspire new ideas for products made with recycled foam.
  • Observed laboratory technicians in hospitals around the globe to understand their workflow and uncover areas where automation may improve accuracy speed of lab results.